In-Stream Video Advertising On Facebook

Facebook has recently launched in-stream video ads as a new placement for marketers to use when setting up ads on the platform. While this feature is currently only available to about 200 advertisers, it will have a direct impact on how your video content will soon be able to generate revenue on Facebook. Continue reading for more details.

Instagram Ad Formats & Objectives

Instagram has more than 700 million users per month, with more than 400 million users per day. When creating ads on Instagram, having awareness of what objectives and formats are available on the platform will help with your ad strategy. Not all ad objectives available on Facebook are available on Instagram, so it’s important to know which are available on Instagram when optimizing ads for the Instagram platform. Below we’ll cover all the ad objectives and formats that are available on Instagram.

YouTube Tab For Facebook

Converting your followers from Facebook to subscribers on YouTube is key in growing your audience on YouTube. Installing a YouTube tab on your Facebook page will expose your Facebook fans to the content on your YouTube channel and give them the opportunity to subscribe to your channel right from Facebook. Read below for more info on the YouTube tab for Facebook, and how to install it on your page.

A Guide To Facebook Video Ad Campaigns & Best Practices

With Facebook becoming one of the world’s leading video platforms, many brands are turning to Facebook to further build their audiences. Facebook has sophisticated advertising tools, so if you want to spend money advertising on Facebook it’s important to understand the fundamentals of how to run effective video ad campaigns on their platform. Below we’ll go over some best practices and general statistics for video ads on Facebook.

Best Practices For Facebook Videos

Facebook is becoming one of the most popular video platforms behind YouTube, and it’s important to implement Facebook into your comprehensive video strategy. Below we’ll go over some best practices and general guidelines when optimizing video releases for Facebook.

How To Record And Upload 360 Videos On YouTube And Facebook

With both virtual and augmented reality becoming increasingly popular, they’re still not necessarily easily accessible for creators and viewers. 360 video is trying to bridge that gap. It has much of the same allure of virtual reality, while still remaining affordable and relatively easy to create and provide. 360 video gives creators new and interesting ways to tell their stories and engage their audience. In this article we’ll look into the details of 360 video and talk about the advantages of using 360 capture with your video strategy.

Live Streaming Video On Facebook

While YouTube dominates the online video landscape, Facebook continues to make strides as a legitimate online video platform. One of its newest additions is a Live Video feature that allows users to capture video and broadcast it to an audience in real time. This feature is currently only available on Facebook’s mobile app and while they aren’t the first to introduce live-streaming, Facebook does have a leg-up on competitors due to a few reasons that we’ll be discussing below.

Best Times To Post On Social Media

Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site too frequently (or infrequently) can alienate your target audience, leaving your posts unseen or ignored by your followers.  To increase shares, clicks, and general engagement, it is important to understand when your audience is active on social media.  The simplest way to think about the best time to post is to analyze when people are bored or tired at work or school.

New Facebook Video Features: Suggested Videos, Saved Bookmarks, & Dedicated Video Section

This week Facebook announced several updates to their video platform that will have many implications for people that create and share videos on Facebook. In addition to the new analytics available in Page Insights, they are now including several features that will not only make Facebook a better platform for those that create videos, but also for those that spend a lot of time watching video content.

YouTube For Musicians: A Discussion

Last fall, Quarterlab’s Gray Gannaway was interviewed by The Near Future on a range of topics related to how musicians should use various digital platforms for promotion, including YouTube. Peter Petro from The Near Future asks a number of questions about the virtues of YouTube vs other audio streaming services, the merits on MCNs, the future of YouTube subscriptions, and the proper role of each major social media platform in the album campaign lifecycle.