YouTube’s New Mobile App For Music

Today YouTube announced the arrival of its new YouTube Music app on both iOS and Android devices. This news quickly follows last month’s announcement of YouTube Red, and may prove to be a useful product for people that primarily listen to music on YouTube. Read on for a quick overview on the new app, including its pros and cons for both fans and musicians.

YouTube For Musicians: A Discussion

Last fall, Quarterlab’s Gray Gannaway was interviewed by The Near Future on a range of topics related to how musicians should use various digital platforms for promotion, including YouTube. Peter Petro from The Near Future asks a number of questions about the virtues of YouTube vs other audio streaming services, the merits on MCNs, the future of YouTube subscriptions, and the proper role of each major social media platform in the album campaign lifecycle.

Free Music For Your Videos

If you use music in your YouTube videos, chances are you’ve received at least one copyright claim in the past. YouTube can automatically detect the music you used in your video, and the owner of that music gets to decide the fate of your video. While these copyright claims don’t always have a negative impact on your channel, they do mean that you can’t earn money from that video and sometimes it can put your channel at risk of receiving a strike.

Developing Your Video Strategy: A Panel Discussion

Last fall, Quarterlab founder Gray Gannaway led a video strategy discussion at SF MusicTech featuring executives from AdRev, Rumblefish, and Blueprint Group. Throughout the hour long discussion, the panel dove into numerous YouTube-related issues including content ID, monetization, promotional strategies, and the future of ad sales. Additionally they spoke on other trends and platforms in the world of video and provided several tips to video creators to help them learn how they can increase their viewership and earn more money through their copyrighted material.

Making Videos For Your Songs

If you’re a musician, you should be releasing your new (and older) music on your YouTube channel. We work with several of our channels to help them figure out the best way to use their older music to keep fans interested while they’re working on their next big project. We can also help you use your channel’s older and more popular videos to bring more promotion to anything you’re working on over the next few months.