Channel Ad (or Fan Finder)

YouTube has a feature called a Channel Ad (formerly known as the “Fan Finder” video) that is a great feature every channel should use. This allows you to choose one video on your channel to be eligible for free promotion on YouTube.

You know those skippable pre-roll commercials on YouTube that allow you to click “Skip Ad” after 5 seconds? When you select a video for your Channel Ad, there’s a good chance that YouTube will run your selected video as a skippable ad before other popular videos that are similar to yours. This is basically like YouTube giving one of your best videos a free advertising campaign.

Mid-Roll Ads

Mid-roll ads actually earn more money per-view (on average) than any other ad format available on YouTube. Unfortunately, few channels know this and even fewer understand how to use mid-roll ads effectively.

Now referred to as “During the video” ad breaks, members of our network can now enable these mid-roll ads on any “long-form” video on your channel (“long form” means any video longer than 10 minutes). Just log into the Video Manager section of your YouTube channel and go to the “Monetization” tab of any long-form video. Under “Ad breaks” you’ll see a checkbox and a field to include ads “During the video”.

Featured Content (or InVideo Programming)

YouTube’s Featured Content (formerly known as “InVideo Programming”) is a free tool that helps expose your viewers to other videos you want to recommend on your channel.

When you select a video or playlist as your “Featured Video” (or “Featured Playlist”) anyone who watches any other video on your channel will see an annotation and image that recommends they watch your featured content (see screenshot below).