New YouTube Feature: “What To Watch Next”

YouTube now allows you to select which video your subscribers see most prominently when returning to your channel. This feature is called “What To Watch Next” and it’s very useful for helping highlight your most important videos to users that have already subscribed to your YouTube channel.

How YouTube Monetization Works (Part 1/2)

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One of the most frequently asked questions from YouTube channel owners is “how much money will I earn per view?” There are a ton of factors that determine whether an ad will be shown on your videos and how much money you’ll earn from that ad impression, so let’s walk through the various steps and factors that affect your YouTube monetization and channel revenue.

The Importance Of Watch Time & Subscribers

Watch time is one of the most important but misunderstood concepts that affect the health of your YouTube channel and videos. While many video creators focus exclusively on their view counts, YouTube prioritizes watch time (and not view counts) when it’s deciding how favorably to treat your video in search results and featured placements across the YouTube platform.