Debunking Facebook Video Viewcounts

There has been a lot of press in the past few weeks about the prominence of video content on Facebook, and many video creators have been asking whether or not they should be uploading videos directly to Facebook. Many people are finding that their videos on Facebook get much higher view counts than the same video on YouTube when they upload it to both platforms. While Facebook is a very important platform, Facebook views and YouTube views are very different so let’s take a closer look at both.

New YouTube Feature: “Videos In Playlists”

YouTube recently announced a new feature in their analytics section called the “Videos in playlists” report. This report provides information on how many times your videos appear in other people’s playlists on YouTube, such as their “Watch later” list, their “Favorites” list, or a custom playlist they created themselves.

Developing Your Video Strategy: A Panel Discussion

Last fall, Quarterlab founder Gray Gannaway led a video strategy discussion at SF MusicTech featuring executives from AdRev, Rumblefish, and Blueprint Group. Throughout the hour long discussion, the panel dove into numerous YouTube-related issues including content ID, monetization, promotional strategies, and the future of ad sales. Additionally they spoke on other trends and platforms in the world of video and provided several tips to video creators to help them learn how they can increase their viewership and earn more money through their copyrighted material.