How YouTube Selects Videos To Recommend

In this article, we’ll cover some of the main places YouTube promotes videos and explain how they determine which videos to feature. There are few things we should discuss before diving in. First, it’s important to understand that YouTube values watch time more than views and that the longer a video is watched, the higher it ranks. Second, when we discuss optimization levers, we are referring to the different ways that you – as a content creator and/or channel owner – can optimize your video to increase its chances of being included in YouTube’s featured placements.

YouTube For Musicians: A Discussion

Last fall, Quarterlab’s Gray Gannaway was interviewed by The Near Future on a range of topics related to how musicians should use various digital platforms for promotion, including YouTube. Peter Petro from The Near Future asks a number of questions about the virtues of YouTube vs other audio streaming services, the merits on MCNs, the future of YouTube subscriptions, and the proper role of each major social media platform in the album campaign lifecycle.