YouTube Red: What You Need To Know About The New Subscription Service

Today YouTube finally launched it’s highly anticipated subscription service, YouTube Red. It costs $9.99 per month ($12.99 if you initially sign up on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad) and provides several benefits to subscribers that watch YouTube on their mobile devices. Quarterlab channels don’t need to take any action to be included in YouTube Red, but here is some quick info about what the service entails.

New Facebook Video Features: Suggested Videos, Saved Bookmarks, & Dedicated Video Section

This week Facebook announced several updates to their video platform that will have many implications for people that create and share videos on Facebook. In addition to the new analytics available in Page Insights, they are now including several features that will not only make Facebook a better platform for those that create videos, but also for those that spend a lot of time watching video content.

Exclusive Look At YouTube’s New Creator Studio App Update

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YouTube recently unveiled a new update to their Creator Studio app for smartphones, and they’ve included a ton of useful analytics in the latest version 1.5.12. In many ways, the analytics in the latest version of Creator Studio may be a more useful dashboard than the YouTube Analytics section found in your online dashboard. Let’s take a look at what’s been added:

How Monetization Works On YouTube (Part 2/2)

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YouTube creators often wonder why two videos with the same amount of views can earn drastically different amounts of money. In addition to the ad serving process we outlined in part 1 of this article, there are a number of additional factors that affect your ability to earn advertising revenue from your YouTube videos – so we’ve outlined a few of them below.