How To Get YouTube To Promote Your Videos

One of the most effective ways to increase your video view count is to have YouTube recommend your videos and promote them on their platform. There are several places on YouTube where your video can be recommended to people that weren’t looking for it, but how does YouTube choose which videos to promote?

An Overview of YouTube Director

YouTube recently launched a suite of video products called YouTube Director. While it is directed towards small businesses, it offers a great tool to content creators to make your channel trailer and generally advertise your channel as a business. The suite includes three video ad creation products, all of which we will cover below.

OutroMaker: Automated Outros For Your Videos

If you create outros and end cards for most of your videos, you know it can be a tedious manual process if you upload a lot of videos. OutroMaker hopes to make this easier for you, by offering an automatic process for creating outros. Today we will be looking into OutroMaker and the benefits it has to offer.