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How To Use YouTube Rodeo

How To Use YouTube Rodeo

December 28, 2021
December 28, 2021

YouTube recently launched a powerful new app that levels up live streaming on their platform. While it's still currently in testing, the Rodeo app allows creators to add guests into their broadcast, react to videos, have fans call into the livestream, and more.

To start, let’s look at the basics of going live through Rodeo. Click here to download the app.

To get started, tap on ‘Broadcast Details’ at the bottom left of the ‘Live’ page to set up your title, visibility, thumbnail, and other crucial information about your broadcast.

From there, tap ‘Go Live’! Boom, it’s that simple to get started. However, Rodeo has some additional features that make it stand out from just going live within the YouTube app itself.

Tapping on the ‘Invite Guest’ button at the bottom right of your screen will allow you to send an invite link to anyone you’d like. Once accepted, your guest will join the broadcast. This allows you to branch out and conduct interviews, reconnect with old collaborators, or call close friends.

Now let’s look at some additional features available within Rodeo, the first being Fan Line. Fan Line allows viewers to call into your stream and talk with you and your guest live on air.

Tap onto the ‘Fan Line’ button near the bottom right of your screen. From there, a number fans can call directly from their phones will appear on the screen. Once calls start coming in, you’ll be able to accept, reject, and block incoming calls.

This feature allows you to connect with fans in a very personal way. Rather than replying to a comment, you can have one-on-one personal connections with your audience which allows for some great moments on the stream.

Next, let’s take a look at React. React allows you to watch videos alone or with a guest while broadcasting. React to your latest video, give a sneak peek of a new track, or review fan-submitted content.

Tap into the ‘React’ button near the bottom right of your screen. Once selected, you’ll be brought into your camera roll to choose videos and add them to your broadcast. Currently, you can only add videos via your camera roll and cannot play videos directly from YouTube. Also, make sure to wear headphones while using this feature to ensure the video’s audio will not echo through your microphone.

Lastly, let’s talk Manager Mode, a feature that allows you to be a stream producer. Add guests, create a Fan Line, or select videos to react to while working behind the scenes and not showing up on the broadcast.

In ‘Broadcast Details,’ scroll down and toggle ‘Manager Mode’ to On. Once completed, tap ‘Invite Guest’ to add your talent to the stream. You’ll be able to completely control what happens while allowing the on-screen talent to focus on their conversation rather than scrambling to get the next call-in or video set up.

Once a guest is added to the broadcast, stream managers can ‘Whisper,’ which will allow you to talk to the guests without the audience hearing. This enables you to privately give stream participants instructions and feedback while the livestream is in progress.

Rodeo is currently in testing and features continue being added and updated. Feel free to contact us regarding these or any other Rodeo features.

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