Facebook Expands Watch Party

Facbeook has now launched it’s Watch Party feature to all pages and profiles in the world. This feature lets Facebook users watch videos simultaneously together online. Continue reading for the full details.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced Watch Party to Facebook Groups. Watch Party enables people to watch and interact with playlists of videos together in real time, in a shared space online. Facebook saw some impressive stats with Watch Parties while they were launched to groups; with 12 million Watch Party views started from Groups, users were 7 times more likely to watch videos via a Watch Party, and 8 times more likely to comment than on non-Live/synced videos. Now, Watch Party is available to all pages and profiles on Facebook.

Page admins on Facebook will now have the ability to host Watch Parties on their official Facebook page. Watch Parties can be used to reach and interact with larger audiences around video content, as well as help promote upcoming events. Personal Facebook profiles can also now start Watch Parties with friends directly from a video they’re watching or from their Timeline. This will introduce more ways friends on Facebook can interact with video content from publishers on Facebook.

Some new features are also being introduced to Watch Parties. These include threaded comments and live commentating. Threaded comments will allow people to have conversations and live commentating will give hosts the ability to comment in real time while the video is playing. Pages, profiles, and groups can also now schedule a Watch Party ahead of time.

Facebook is also internally testing a new Watch Party feature inside Messenger. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this new feature from Facebook.