Case Studies

Joe Budden

Quarterlab began working with Joe Budden in May of 2016 as he was preparing to release his last solo album ‘Rage and the Machine’ and tour the U.S. in support of the album. We helped revitalize his channel after a period of inactivity by launching an amazing official music video for the single “I Wanna Know”, as well as multiple promotional videos and clips to help market the Rage And The Machine Tour. The campaign was highly successful in increasing awareness of the album and upcoming tour dates, and all featured content included clickable cards, end screens, and description links directing viewers to listen to the new album and buy tickets to the tour.

We also began publishing The Joe Budden Podcast (previously known as I’ll Name This Podcast Later) on the channel as audio-only videos in May 2016. In December 2016 we worked with Joe’s team to convert the podcast into a filmed episodic show, and began publishing new weekly episodes along with teaser clips to promote each upcoming release. We also began taking a more aggressive approach towards using calls-to-action on the channel in order to recommend more related content to viewers while they were watching videos on the channel. Cards, end screens, and playlists were also used to strategically promote the series, so viewers would be prompted to watch podcast episodes sequentially. These efforts helped increase clickable CTAs on the podcast by a massive 27x.

In the first quarter after working with us, Joe’s channel earnings increased by 33%. The following quarter those increases rose to 81%, and in the third quarter they jumped to 189% compared to his earnings prior to joining Quarterlab. By Q4 of 2017, his earnings reached incredible gains of 638% over Q4 of the previous year.

Within the first 6 months of the channel joining the Quarterlab network – Joe’s channel views increased 10x and overall watch time on the channel has now increased 352x since joining the network from 150k hours to 52.9MM hours. The video podcasts currently reach approximately 300k-400k views per episode in the first week, and the channel has also seen a subscriber growth of 35x from 20k to 714k.

Channel Statistics:

  • Since joining Quarterlab: Views increased 10x in the first 6 months and overall watch time on the channel has now increased 302x
  • To-date metrics: 793 videos, 52.9MM hours of watch time, 153MM views, 714k subscribers
  • Video podcasts get approximately 300k-400k views per episode in the first week
  • Since joining Quarterlab: over 532k clicks on cards and end screens prompting viewers to watch more videos on the channel and subscribe to the channel