Case Studies

Kill Rock Stars

Kill Rock Stars had been operating a popular YouTube channel since May 2006 but had not been effectively monetizing its video assets nor its catalog of sound recordings. Quarterlab was brought on board to help the label monetize all of its assets on YouTube, both through advertisements on its video properties as well as through administration of content identification controls. Within four months of working on Kill Rock Stars’ channel and catalog, we increased their YouTube revenue over 1000% and made YouTube its 4th most lucrative digital partner behind retail powerhouses iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

Since enlisting Quarterlab, the Kill Rock Stars subscriber count has increased 16x from 1,500 to 25,000 and the view count has increased 8x from 4MM to 32MM. While Content ID revenue from user-uploaded revenue has always been strong for Kill Rock Stars, Quarterlab implemented a strategy of identifying the most lucrative KRS assets that had been previously uploaded by users and re-releasing optimized versions of that content directly through their own channel. This allowed the label to provide higher quality versions of its most classic video content, helped grow a larger audience for the label’s upcoming marketing priorities, and also produced a much more advantageous revenue split for the label on that specific content.

Since working with Quarterlab, Kill Rock Stars’ YouTube view count growth rate has increased quarter over quarter for three consecutive years. While revenue derived from content uploaded directly to their channel previously accounted for only 10% of their total YouTube revenue, it currently accounts for over 40% of their video earnings. This is in large part due to the revamping strategy implemented by Quarterlab and Kill Rock Stars since Q2 2014, which resulted in over 1/3 of its lifetime views in just 8 months.


Channel Statistics:

  • Launched May 2006, engaged Quarterlab in October 2012
  • To-date metrics: over 3k videos, 32MM views, 25k subscribers
  • Over 104MM views including Content ID