Case Studies

Rap Grid

Rap Grid ( was launched in early 2013 as a site to compete with YouTube in the specific niche of battle rap content. As a video aggregation site that focuses exclusively on battle rap, Rap Grid encourages content creators to upload video directly to their site where they sell it at premium prices as video-on-demand (VOD) products. As the company grew, it began producing more original editorial content and became a media company in its own right.

Rap Grid and Quarterlab share founding members, and as a result YouTube became a primary focus in expanding Rap Grid’s audience and reach. Initially, the YouTube platform was exclusively used to capture a broader global audience and drive that traffic towards Rap Grid’s website and proprietary video technology. As the company evolved, they’ve fully embraced the power of the YouTube platform and its native traffic to great effect. In addition to producing original series and releasing exclusive interviews and sought-after archival footage, Rap Grid has been an innovator in the space of live YouTube coverage.

In conjunction with Rap Grid, we devised a tentpole-programming plan to take advantage of immensely popular high-ticket live events that occur in the world of battle rap. By using YouTube’s Capture app, Quarterlab enlisted and deployed staff members at the most influential battle rap events around the world to conduct live coverage and upload behind-the-scenes footage in near real-time fashion. This content was published, playlisted, and shared online within minutes of capture to provide free backstage experiences to fans worldwide. These events have garnered millions of views for Rap Grid with zero production costs, and have also substantially benefited the company’s other online properties (including adding over 1k Twitter followers in less than 8 hours). Rap Grid’s live audiovisual coverage has resulted in numerous celebrity shout outs and tweets from superstars including Snoop Doog, Lil Bow Wow, Royce Da 5’9”, & more.


Channel Statistics:

  • Launched January 2013
  • To-date: over 2.1k videos, 28MM views, 77k subscribers
  • Over 1MM hours watched in just over 18 months
  • Over 46k clicks on cards and end screens that link to external websites for promotional campaigns, as well as prompt viewers to watch more videos on the channel and subscribe to the channel