Filmora Video Editor: Special Discount For Quarterlab Clients

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Wondershare to offer a 15% off coupon to all Quarterlab clients for a one year license to the Filmora video editing software. If you’re looking for a new way to edit or add effects to your video content, continue reading to find out more about Filmora.

Content Guidelines And Restricted Mode On YouTube

YouTube has a feature called Restricted Mode, which allows people to view YouTube with a restricted filter that blocks access to more mature content. This filter is mostly used by schools and libraries, but anyone can access this feature so it’s important for creators to understand what types of content gets filtered out of restricted mode. It’s also very possible that these guidelines will impact how YouTube decides how advertiser-safe your video content is, so we encourage you to take note of the criteria YouTube uses to filter videos. Continue reading to see the full guidelines of Restricted Mode.

How To Record And Upload 360 Videos On YouTube And Facebook

With both virtual and augmented reality becoming increasingly popular, they’re still not necessarily easily accessible for creators and viewers. 360 video is trying to bridge that gap. It has much of the same allure of virtual reality, while still remaining affordable and relatively easy to create and provide. 360 video gives creators new and interesting ways to tell their stories and engage their audience. In this article we’ll look into the details of 360 video and talk about the advantages of using 360 capture with your video strategy.

OutroMaker: Automated Outros For Your Videos

If you create outros and end cards for most of your videos, you know it can be a tedious manual process if you upload a lot of videos. OutroMaker hopes to make this easier for you, by offering an automatic process for creating outros. Today we will be looking into OutroMaker and the benefits it has to offer.

YouTube Spaces

YouTube Spaces are video production facilities located around the world that are available for channel owners to use. There are locations in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York, Såo Paulo, Berlin, Paris, Mumbai, and Toronto. The facilities act as physical locations where content creators can go to learn new video making skills and get advice and guidance with making their videos. The main purpose of the spaces is to foster and teach the three YouTube principles: Learn, share, create.

YouTube Fan Funding

While artists and video creators can make impressive money through advertisements on YouTube, sometimes it’s more effective to raise money by asking fans to donate to the channels they love. YouTube’s Fan Funding features allows viewers to make voluntary payments to your channel to help support your content creation on YouTube.  By enabling Fan Funding for your channel, you give fans the ability to make donations to you simply by clicking the “Support this channel” link that automatically displays on your channel homepage.