OutroMaker: Automated Outros For Your Videos

If you create outros and end cards for most of your videos, you know it can be a tedious manual process if you upload a lot of videos. OutroMaker hopes to make this easier for you, by offering an automatic process for creating outros. Today we will be looking into OutroMaker and the benefits it has to offer.

YouTube Poll Cards: Increase Fan Engagement On YouTube

If you are looking for more options to interact with viewers of your videos, YouTube has a unique feature called Poll Cards. Poll Cards allow the viewers to partake in multiple-choice polls incorporated right into a video. The card can display at any desired time in the video and results are shown in real time, so we encourage you to try Poll Cards as a great way to increase engagement on your videos.

The Importance Of Watch Time & Subscribers

Watch time is one of the most important but misunderstood concepts that affect the health of your YouTube channel and videos. While many video creators focus exclusively on their view counts, YouTube prioritizes watch time (and not view counts) when it’s deciding how favorably to treat your video in search results and featured placements across the YouTube platform.

Promote Your Projects With YouTube Cards

YouTube has just announced a new important feature that will help you promote your videos, merchandise, product sales, fundraising projects, and more. The feature is called YouTube cards, and they function similar to annotations. However, the most important difference between cards and annotations is that annotations do not appear on mobile devices.