YouTube’s New Editor Feature In Studio Beta

If you need to make any last minute edits to your YouTube video, YouTube has a video editor feature that allows you to make some basic edits to your videos after it is already uploaded. Continue reading for more details.

YouTube has always had a basic video editor feature in their classic Creator Studio, but there is now a new and improved editor available in Studio beta. To access this editor in any video, just make sure you are logged into the Studio beta view in your account, click into the video you want to edit, and then scroll down on the left hand side and click “Editor”.

Once you are in the editor, there are 5 components that you can edit: Trim (or split) the video, add or replace audio, add ad breaks, add end screens, and add a blur to any part of your video.

The first feature allows you to make basic trim edits to your video, or you can split it into multiple segments. Trimming your video allows you to remove either the beginning or end of your video content. To trim your video, click the “TRIM” link right below the video preview and then you can drag the cursors at the beginning and/or end of the video to the point you want to trim.

Splitting your video allows you to cut out a specific section of your video. To split your video, first click the “TRIM” link right below the video preview, them move the cursor to the point in the video you want to split and click the mouse, and then click “SPLIT”. After that, you can drag the cursor to the next point in the video that marks the end of the section you want to split. You can then click “PREVIEW” to preview the changes before saving.

The next feature allows you to add or replace audio from your video. This feature is represented by the musical note icon, and once clicked it will bring you to the classic Creator Studio view if you want to add or replace audio in your video.

If your video is over 10 minutes long and enabled for monetization, you can also add ad breaks to your video using the video editor. To do this, scroll down to the dollar sign icon and click to expand that section. There you can use the cursor to select a point in the video where you want to add an ad break and then click “+ AD BREAK”. Next to the dollar sign icon there is an options button you can click that will also let you delete all ad breaks, or you can choose to have YouTube automatically add ad breaks throughout the video.

The next editing feature available is the option to add End Screens to your video. To do this, click “ADD AN END SCREEN” and then you’ll have the option to either add End Screens from a template created from another video on your channel, or you can manually add each End Screen element yourself.

The final editing feature allows you to blur faces or specific sections of your video. This editing feature is still only available in the classic Creator Studio, so clicking the “ADD BLUR” link will take you back to the familiar classic Creator Studio interface. Once you’re there, you have the option to have YouTube automatically blur faces or you can manually choose when and where you want the blurs to appear.

We hope this guide will help you with YouTube’s editing feature in Studio Beta, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.