How To Pin Comments On Your YouTube Videos

YouTube recently started allowing channel owners to pin comments to the top of their YouTube video comments. Being able to determine the first comment your viewers see is a great way to prompt viewers to check out related videos on your channel, visit your website, let viewers know their thoughts on the video they just watched, subscribe to your channel and more. Continue reading for instructions on pinning comments and their benefits.

We recommend creating and pinning comments on all of your new videos you upload to YouTube. This is a very easy way to promote related content you want your viewers to watch, prompt them to subscribe to your channel, or link them to your website. Follow the steps below to create and pin comments on your videos.

Step 1: Once your video is published, go to the video’s watch page and create a new comment

Step 2: Once your comment is created, click the 3 dot options bar to the right of the comment, and click “Pin”

Once your comment is pinned, it will appear at the top of the video’s comments section.

You can pin any comment on your videos, so if your viewers publish any comments on your videos that you want to emphasize, this can be used for that as well. As always, reach out to us with any questions and let us know if you find this tool helpful for your videos.