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Best Practices For Facebook Videos

Best Practices For Facebook Videos

April 6, 2021
June 8, 2017

Facebook is becoming one of the most popular video platforms behind YouTube, and it’s important to implement Facebook into your comprehensive video strategy. Below we’ll go over some best practices and general guidelines when optimizing video releases for Facebook.


Sound With Facebook Videos

Videos on Facebook and Instagram can be watched with the sound on or off. With sound on, people can fully experience sight, sound, and motion that was created for that specific experience. However, viewers may choose to watch the first few seconds or even the entire video with sound off, so make sure your message is also conveyed visually. Showing captions, logos, and products can help communicate your message without audio. Also, the use of captioning or text overlay will aid in providing context to your viewers and help deliver the message when your video is played with the sound off.

Video Formatting Specifications

  • File Type: MOV and MP4 formats recommended. H.264 encoding works best, but Facebook supports all video types.
  • Resolution: Use HD video for optimum quality. Keep your resolution under 1080p.
  • File Size: Facebook supports files up to 4GB. Instagram support files up to 2.25GB.

Video Length Guide

  • Videos on Facebook must be no longer than 120 minutes in length.
  • Videos on Instagram may not be longer than 60 seconds.
  • Video across Audience Network may not be longer than 35 seconds. (This mainly applies to advertisers)
  • Shorter videos usually have better playback quality and shorter upload times.
  • Note: If you use placement optimization across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, your video length may be limited due to maximum video length allowed for Instagram and Audience Network video ads. Please structure your videos accordingly.

General Promotion Best Practices

  • Create a Featured Video for your official Facebook page.
  • Prominently feature “Videos” tab on your Facebook page.
  • Create organized playlists on your Facebook page.
  • Use Call-To-Actions to prompt viewers to take action such as Liking your page, sharing your post, or visiting your YouTube channel.

Reach out to us with any questions you have, and be sure to check out our other blogs on Facebook including: 360 Videos On Facebook, Live Streaming Video On Facebook, Facebook Video Features, &Facebook Video View Counts.

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