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Changes To YouTube Mid-Roll Ads

Changes To YouTube Mid-Roll Ads

April 6, 2021
July 13, 2020

Mid-roll ads are one of the secret weapons that can help you boost your earnings on YouTube. Up until now, only videos that were at least 10 minutes long are eligible for mid-roll ads. Fortunately YouTube is now making mid-roll ads available for any video over 8 minutes long, which could have a significant impact on your overall earnings.

As part of this change, YouTube will turn on mid-roll ads for all videos over 8 minutes long in late July. It’s important to note that videos where you have mid-roll ads disabled, will now have them enabled on videos longer than 8 minutes. This also means that future uploads will have mid-roll ads turned on by default if the video is eligible for mid-rolls.

If you do not want mid-roll ads automatically enabled on your videos, you can indicate this preference in YouTube Studio before July 27, 2020. To do this, go to your monetization settings in your studio dashboard, and you'll see a notification. Click "ACTIONS", then click "Open preferences" and you'll be able to enable or disable automatic mid-roll ads.

After these changes, you will still be able to turn mid-rolls off on videos individually, as well as adjust the placement in each video manually. To manually place mid-roll ads, you can follow the below instructions:

1) Go to the video editor and click into the monetization tab. Towards the bottom, you’ll see a checkbox for “During video (mid-roll)”. Click that checkbox to turn on mid-roll ads with automatic placement.

2) If you want to manually choose the placements of the ad, you’ll then want to click “MANAGE MID-ROLLS”.

3) Then a pop-up window will open and you can click “+ AD BREAK” to manually place the ads

We encourage you to start using mid-rolls whenever possible, since they can have a significant positive impact on your overall channel earnings. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about mid-roll ads!

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