Changes To How Videos Are Blocked On YouTube

Changes To How Videos Are Blocked On YouTube

April 6, 2021
March 22, 2019

YouTube has recently announced some changes to their manual claim tool and how creators and partners can use this tool. The manual claim tool allows networks like Quarterlab to manually claim user-uploaded videos that use their content. Continue reading for more details on these updates.

There are two new changes to the manual claim tool that YouTube has announced. The first change will prohibit a video to be manually claimed if there is already an unreviewed pending match claim on that same video. If a manual claim is attempted on a video in this state, you will be directed to the potential claim review and either confirm or release that claim. This change will take place in the next few months.The second, and more important, change will also roll out in the next few months, and this change will require partners to indicate where their content appears in a video when creating a manual claim on a video. This will help other YouTube creators understand exactly what content they can and cannot use, and will also help them quickly identify which part of their video contains the content that caused their video to be claimed. If you are a Quarterlab client and you need to have a third party video blocked, you can still email us with the video you want to block, but you’ll also need to include a few more things:

  • A link to the video that needs to be blocked
  • A link to the video you own that has content being used
  • Timestamps from each video clarifying exactly which portion of the content was used in each video.

Please be sure to include all of this info when emailing us to help ensure we can quickly protect your content. We’ll continue to provide updates on when exactly these changes will take place, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions in the meantime.

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