Featured Content Discontinued On YouTube

Featured Content Discontinued On YouTube

April 6, 2021
December 14, 2017

As of December 14, 2017, the ability to feature a video or playlist on all uploads of a YouTube channel has been disabled. Continue reading for the full details on this update to Featured Content.

While the Channel Ad function is still available, featured content has been disabled for all users on YouTube. This allowed users to feature a video or playlist across all of their channel's uploads, and the video would appear in the bottom left of the screen at certain points during the video. YouTube has now reported that viewers are 20 times more likely to close these promotions rather than click them.Cards and End Screens are now the best tool to use to promote more content on your channel to viewers. These can be used to link to more videos and playlists on your channel, as well as prompt people to subscribe to your channel or link them to external websites. We recommend using Cards and End Screens on all of your videos on YouTube, and you can check out our other articles on Cards and End Screens to learn how to use them most effectively. Let us know if you have any questions about the end of Featured Content on YouTube.

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