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Introducing The Facebook Creator App

Introducing The Facebook Creator App

April 6, 2021
December 4, 2017

In a further attempt to entice YouTubers to embrace Facebook as a video platform, Facebook has launched a new app called Facebook Creator. The app is designed to help creators manage their Facebook profiles, analyze and track growth metrics, and make it easier to create videos and live streams on the platform. Continue reading for more on this app and how you can implement this tool into your video strategy.For now, the Facebook Creator app is only available to profiles and Pages that represent individuals - not brands or businesses. But it’d be a good idea to get familiar with this app now, so you can understand the benefits and uses of it.The app is now available in iOS, and Android is coming soon. Some of the features and benefits that the app includes are:

  • Create videos and live broadcasts, post to your Facebook story, and crosspost to Twitter and Instagram - all from your mobile device.
  • Use Live Creative Kit to make your broadcasts more personalized and fun with customizable intros, outros, stickers, and frames:
  • Manage all your comments from Facebook and Instagram, plus messages from Messenger, in one unified inbox in the Community tab:
  • Explore insights about your Page, audience, and video performance:

Facebook is becoming more and more popular for video consumption and the company has been looking to expand their video platform. Along with the new Facebook Creators app, Facebook has also launched a new website called Facebook for Creators. Facebook is launching this website as a resourced based community aimed at helping creators grow their audience around their videos on Facebook. The website features four main sections:

  • Spotlight section - Examples of other creator success stories.
  • Discover section - Latest product news and creator updates.
  • Learn section - Tips and guides from the community.
  • Support section - Get answers to your questions.

You can apply to join the Facebook for Creators community here: and Instagram should be a key element of your video strategy. Be sure to read our related blogs on in-stream video advertising on Facebook and Instagram ad formats and objectives. Using Facebook and YouTube together for your video releases can be very effective, so if you haven't already, check out our blog on the YouTube tab for Facebook. As always, please reach out to us if you have any question or ideas on these new updates.

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