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YouTube Fan Funding

YouTube Fan Funding

April 6, 2021
April 29, 2016

While artists and video creators can make impressive money through advertisements on YouTube, sometimes it's more effective to raise money by asking fans to donate to the channels they love. YouTube’s Fan Funding features allows viewers to make voluntary payments to your channel to help support your content creation on YouTube.  By enabling Fan Funding for your channel, you give fans the ability to make donations to you simply by clicking the "Support this channel" link that automatically displays on your channel homepage.

YouTube Fan Funding On Channel Homepage

You can make a custom greeting message to get fans excited about supporting your channel. The message appears on the "Support this channel" card on your desktop channel homepage and on Fan Funding cards that you add to your videos.  You can also create a custom video or message that people will see after they have made a contribution to your channel.

YouTube Fan Funding currently works on desktop browser and the Android app (version 5.7 or higher).  It is not supported on iOS at this time.

Restrictions on how you can use Fan Funding

It’s important to note that Fan Funding is a way for viewers to donate to your channel for uploading content to YouTube, not to fund a specific goal in the future.

It’s okay to ask for support by saying something like:

"Hey if you love my channel I would love your support! I’ll use the funds for my upcoming tour!"

But you can’t say something like:

"Fund my upcoming tour!"

You may not use Fan Funding to solicit or accept:

  • Voluntary Payments induced by fraudulent or misleading representations
  • Voluntary Payments for political causes
  • Voluntary Payments as charitable donations
  • Voluntary Payments for your Service if any part of it violates these Terms or any applicable laws, rules, or regulations
  • Voluntary Payments for any other service or for goods or any other valuable consideration
  • Voluntary Payments of less than US$1 or that exceed US$500 per day, per user (limits may vary slightly due to currency exchange fluctuations)

YouTube’s fee structure

YouTube takes a small fee to cover the cost of processing the transaction. That fee varies by country:

For example, if a fan made a $10 voluntary payment to your channel in the US, YouTube’s fee would be $0.71, and you would receive $9.29.

The service fee will be higher to account for VAT in the United Kingdom (120% of above fee), France (120% of above fee), and Spain (121% of above fee).

We encourage you to set up Fan Funding on your channel and occasionally ask your fans to make a donation. It can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with your fans, and a great way to earn some additional income in the process.

Please note: If your channel is a member of the Quarterlab Network, we do not take any additional fee.

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