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YouTube’s Notify-Me: A New Feature to Boost Music Discovery on Shorts

YouTube’s Notify-Me: A New Feature to Boost Music Discovery on Shorts

April 20, 2024
April 19, 2024

Exciting news for creators who want their new music discovered through YouTube Shorts!

As part of its ongoing commitment to artists’ multi-format success, YouTube has introduced a feature called “Notify-Me.” This new feature bridges music discovery in Shorts with long-form content consumption, enhancing the overall experience for both artists and fans.

The Backdrop:

Notify-Me builds on the successful launch of Previews in Shorts last year. For those who may not be familiar with Previews, they are snippets of soon-to-be-released songs that artists and their fans can use in their Shorts creations. The idea behind Previews is to create anticipation and generate buzz for upcoming music releases. 

What's New:

So, what is Notify-Me? It adds notification opt-in buttons to the Shorts created by the artist using a Preview and on its sound page within Shorts. Users can simply click the “Notify-Me” option to ensure they receive a notification as soon as the full-length song is released.

How it Works:

The process is straightforward. First, artists need to deliver a Preview of their upcoming song to use the Notify-Me feature. If you haven’t added support for Previews yet, you can follow the step-by-step implementation instructions in YouTube Help Center. Better yet, you can reach out to us for assistance, and we’ll help you set it up! 

Once a Preview is successfully delivered for a song, the Notify-Me option will be available on the Preview’s sound page in Shorts. It will also appear on any Shorts that fans or the primary artist upload using the Preview sound. 

YouTube recommends that artists add the sound using the Shorts creation tools in their videos, for instance, by adding the song from the Shorts library. If artists fail to do so, there’s a risk that the Notify-Me option may not be displayed.

The Advantage:

As much as Notify-Me is a boon for fans, it is equally advantageous to the creators. For one, adding this feature streamlines the process of reaching out to potential listeners. Instead of relying solely on traditional marketing methods, creators can now directly engage with their audience and ensure they are notified about new releases. This is especially beneficial for independent artists or those who are just starting out and don’t have access to extensive marketing campaigns. 

Furthermore, this new feature helps in retaining the audience. By opting in, they’ll receive a notification once the full song is released. This will allow them to be among the first to enjoy the complete track from their favorite artists. This direct engagement helps establish a loyal fanbase and ensures a steady flow of listeners. 

From a monetization perspective, the more the audience listens to the music, the higher the likelihood of gaining revenue from views and ads. Plus, with a larger audience reach, creators can attract potential sponsors or collaborators, which can further increase their revenue opportunities. 

When to Expect It:

Shorts Previews have been available since 2023 and have been received warmly by both artists and fans. With Notify-Me rolling out this April, YouTube is poised to further music discovery and consumption on its platform. In essence, this new feature serves as a powerful tool for artists - helping them engage with fans, promote their music, and grow their audience base, all directly from the YouTube platform. 

Stay tuned for Notify-Me’s rollout and ensure your fans never miss a beat! 

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