YouTube's Updated Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines

YouTube's Updated Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines

April 6, 2021
August 7, 2019

Many video creators have experienced the frustration that results from having your videos disabled for monetization, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what caused your video to lose money. Now YouTube is providing more specific information on what can prevent your videos from earning as much revenue as possible.

We originally wrote about YouTube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines back in June 2017, which you can check out here for more context. YouTube has since provided more information on these guidelines that provides additional insight on exactly what can cause your videos to be flagged for limited or no monetization. These updates provide much more specific detail on what they consider potentially offensive or unsafe for advertisers.

Here is the newly updated list of topics that can cause your videos to be flagged:

  • Inappropriate language
  • Violence
  • Adult content
  • Harmful or dangerous acts
  • Hateful content
  • Incendiary and demeaning
  • Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  • Tobacco-related content
  • Firearms-related content
  • Controversial issues and sensitive events
  • Adult themes in family content

Some of these guidelines are common sense, but others are more nuanced and it's important to understand exactly what falls outside of what YouTube considers acceptable for advertisements. We strongly encourage all video creators check out YouTube’s full list of advertiser-guidelines and carefully review to understand what could result in your videos earning less money.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions on these new updates.

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