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2021 Guide To Instagram's Video Formats

2021 Guide To Instagram's Video Formats

October 22, 2021
October 22, 2021

Instagram just announced some significant changes on how various videos will be classified and displayed on the platform. For some time now, there have been four main formats of video on Instagram: IGTV, Feed Videos, Reels, and IG Live. However, this week, Instagram has streamlined these formats by combining IGTV and Feed Videos into one new format, ‘Instagram Video.’

Let’s look at the differences this change will bring, along with how how the new Instagram Video format compares to Reels and IG Lives. The first big noticeable difference with Instagram Video is the appearance of the new Video Tab.

Here, all of a creator’s videos, besides Reels, will show up all in one place where previously Feed Videos and IGTV were separated between tabs. This will allow users to find content quickly, and will also allow users to tap into a video to watch it in a full-screen view.

Instagram Video also now allows creators to have more customization options. For example, while uploading an Instagram Video, you can now trim, add filters, add videos into series, and tag people and/or locations.

Reels, for the most part, will stay the same. Check out of full blog on Instagram Reels to learn more. Reels work similarly to TikTok and its ‘For You' Page. The Reels format can help you join in on music trends, find new audiences, and be discovered via Instagram’s Reels tab. Instagram has provided 5 key points to create trending Reels on their platform: 

1) Uses Instagram's creative tools.

2) Uses original audio or music from the IG music library.

3) Accessible and inclusive.

4) Mimicable.

5) Unique & ownable.

Let’s compare Instagram Videos and Reels. Think of Instagram Videos as a way to get your audience engaged and fully immersed into a series of your videos, which can be up to 60 minutes long, in a variety of aspect ratios (9x16, 16x9, 4x5, and 1x1). Reels, on the other hand, help you discover new audiences in a very fast-paced and quick environment where all videos are 60 seconds or less, with a 9x16 aspect ratio, making it simple to scroll through Reels continuously for binge-watching.

Those are the significant differences between the two; however, it doesn’t stop there. For example, Instagram Videos can be promoted within Instagram, while Reels can not. Also while Reels are predicted to have monetization programs rolling out within the next year, Instagram Video currently allows In-stream ad placement for eligible creators, which appear directly on your video after a 15-second preview on your feed.

As mentioned earlier, IG Lives continues to be its own video format within Instagram, with the broadcast recordings being eligible for replay within Instagram Video. Additionally, Instagram has just announced the ability to schedule IG Lives, allowing viewers to set a reminder for your upcoming broadcast.

These updates make the workflow of video creation on Instagram even more accessible and easier to understand for both users and creators. Instagram has also launched Account Status, a new surface where creators can have a very transparent view of violations and their effect(s) on their account. For more information regarding Account Status, click here.

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