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3 Steps To Meta Fan Engagement!

3 Steps To Meta Fan Engagement!

December 6, 2022
December 6, 2022

Building a dedicated fanbase is no easy task; sometimes, keeping that fanbase engaged and active can be even more challenging. Thankfully, Meta released some valuable tips that they find effective at keeping your audience engaged and encouraging new people to join your journey.

Meta highlights three main points:

1. Understand your fans and their interests

2. Cultivate a safe space to engage with your audience

3. Recognize and reward your dedicated fans

Today, we'll be breaking down each of these steps and looking at what you can implement into your content strategy.

Let's look at #1: Understand your fans and their interests. You need to know who your fans are to understand what people want from watching your content. That's where Meta's Professional Dashboard can come in handy. Within the dashboard, you'll see which content performs the best, both in views and with likes and engagement. Understanding what your fans watch and engage in is the first step to creating more content they'll enjoy. So, it's crucial to spend some time checking these numbers out.

It's essential to know your community personally, which will come in handy later in point #3. Meta makes it easy to look at some of your top supporters with the 'Top Fan' badge, which will appear next to some users' profile names. Additionally, Meta now has a weekly engagement list which can be found in the about section of your profile. This list will highlight your top followers who react, comment and share your post the most. This list updates weekly, so it's essential to check in whenever you get a chance.

Let's look at #2: Cultivate a safe space to engage with your audience. Interacting and talking with people within your community can strengthen your relationship and allow people to engage with you and your content. Take a look in your comments for users with the 'Top Fan' badge and reply to them. Additionally, it may be worth making a Group with your top supporters to chat and talk about what they enjoy most from your content.

It's important to make everyone feels welcome, so if your content ever receives comments that can be harmful, be sure to enlist moderation to assist or limit those who can comment. For more in-depth information on these features, visit the Meta Safety Hub.

Lastly, #3: Recognize and reward your dedicated fans. On top of creating exclusive content for Subscribers, Meta now has the option to create posts only for those who fall into your 'Top Fans'. To do so, you can toggle this in the post settings within your composer.

If you'd like to give a more direct line of appreciation to your top supporters, try out one of the new fan appreciation templates in Stories, which will allow you to shout out to your Top Fans, along with star senders and subscribers.

Understanding your audience is one of the most important steps you can take as a creator. Likewise, interacting with your audience is a step that can bring those fans and turn them into lifelong supporters. We strongly urge you to implement these steps into your routine and see what impact you can create.

For more information on this or anything else related to Meta, Facebook, or Instagram, be sure to contact us! contact us!

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