More Tips On Appealing Limited Monetization On YouTube

More Tips On Appealing Limited Monetization On YouTube

April 6, 2021
February 8, 2018

Some channels on YouTube may have videos that get consistently flagged for limited monetization as soon as they are uploaded. If this is happening to you, and your videos adhere to YouTube's advertiser friendly guidelines and content guidelines, then there are certain steps you can take to appeal these classifications. Continue reading to find out what these steps are and how to take action.

To get an early read on whether your content is likely to be flagged for limited monetization (indicated by a yellow icon), you can upload a video as unlisted or private and check the monetization status before making the video public. YouTube typically does an initial classification of the video within 2 hours after upload. If the icon is yellow, you can submit the video for manual review if you are confident it was flagged incorrectly. Note that only when the channel has over 10,000 subscribers can you request a manual review of their unlisted or private videos regardless of its view count.Then, you can wait to publish the video until you’ve received an email update with the outcome of the review. Keep in mind that while waiting for the appeal result, the video's icon may switch between yellow and green, so it's a good idea to check back semi-regularly for a video in this situation.

To read more about limited monetization on YouTube, check out our earlier blog here. It'd also be a good idea to brush up on YouTube’s advertiser friendly guidelines, as well as there content guidelines to make sure your videos will be fully monetized. If you have any questions about limited monetization on YouTube, you can reach out to us for more details.

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