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Best Practices For YouTube Premieres

Best Practices For YouTube Premieres

April 6, 2021
May 13, 2019

YouTube Premieres are a great tool to help drive awareness to priority video releases, as well as engage with your fan base and viewers on YouTube. We recently got some more info from YouTube about Premieres and how to best use them. You can check out some best practices in this blog.

We wrote about YouTube Premieres back in October of 2018, and have since then acquired some best practices for using this feature. Check out below for 6 useful tips to consider when using Premieres:

  1. Fans can begin engaging with Premieres as soon as they are uploaded, so it's highly recommended that you are present in the live chat during the release window.
  2. You should consider spacing out your Premieres and using them only for priority videos that you think will spark a lot of engagement. YouTube recommends not using Premieres for every upload, so that when you do use them it feels special to your audience.
  3. Let fans know when you plan on premiering and encourage them to set a reminder so they don't miss out. Fans who visit the premiere page before it goes live will have the option to set a reminder, even if they don't subscribe to your channel.
  4. When possible, always announce (using YouTube Community and your other social networks) your premieres in advance of the upload and inform your audience what they can expect if they arrive before the video goes live.
  5. Try engaging with your fans as much as you can during each premiere via the live chat. You can also continue to live chat with viewers for a short period of time after the premiere has ended. This time can be used to answer questions, get feedback or direct viewers to more content on your channel.
  6. After the premiere has ended, remember it's just like a regular upload, so make sure to go back and fully optimize it with cards, end screens, playlists, etc...

We encourage you to check out this feature and implement it into your video strategy. As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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