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Earn Money With YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program

Earn Money With YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program

October 9, 2023
October 9, 2023

YouTube launched the YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program this summer, which allows creators to earn commissions by promoting products from merchants. First in beta, now set to roll out to more creators, it's the best time to get ahead of the curve and learn how you can start earning more using this program.

YouTube Shopping Affiliate Program allows you to tag items in videos, Shorts, and live streams. Tagging products will create a shopping button that will show on your content. Without leaving the watch page users can check out the promoted products, then when purchasing they’ll be brought to the merchant's site. After checkout, you’ll earn a commission on the user’s entire purchase.

It’s important to note these do’s and don’ts of tagging products. YouTube will review tags and remove any that breach these guidelines.

Tagging Do’s:
- Products are easily identifiable and featured prominently in your content.
- Products are meaningfully related to your content.
- A viewer may reasonably want to learn more or buy a product based on its appearance in your content.
- Products are used as intended. This means that your use of the product aligns with the manufacturer’s intent and promotes safe usage.

Tagging Don’ts:
- Contains content ID claims or is associated with an Official Artist Channel or channels associated with a music partner.
- Is Made for Kids.
- Is deemed limited or ineligible for monetization.

To get started, while uploading a video you’ll see a ‘Tag Products’ option under the ‘Video Elements’ tab.

From here search through and select the products you’d like to tag. You’ll see the commission rate directly next to the products. It’s important to know you’ll receive this commission based on the total price after a user purchases.

You can also add products to existing videos, to do so click on your videos detail page and tap ‘Products’.

After some purchases have been made you’ll be able to see full details along with which products and videos are earning you the most money, by heading over to your YouTube analytics page.

We believe this program can be a huge step in helping increase the revenue you earn on YouTube. To learn more and see how to implement products into more of your content, check out the video below, or feel free to contact us.

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