Master Twitch with Quarterlab

Master Twitch with Quarterlab

April 6, 2021
May 5, 2020

If you aren't currently using the world's most interactive live streaming platform, it's time to get familiar with Twitch. With over 15 million daily users tuning into all types of streaming content (not just gaming, folks), music streaming has more than quadrupled in the past two months and there are countless benefits to embracing this platform that was built from the ground up just for live streaming. To that end, we are happy to announce that Quarterlab is now offering full platform management services for musicians on Twitch. We can get your channel up and running, as well as help you earn money, grow your audience, unlock new opportunities, and effectively engage with your fans on the world's leading live stream platform. Read on for more details.

First, some background: Twitch is a video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Established in 2011 as a service primarily geared towards gaming, it has rapidly expanded to become one of the leading video destinations for all types of live streaming content. The platform has more than 15 million daily active users that watch a staggering 95 minutes per day on average, and its apps are available on desktop computers, mobile devices and video game consoles, including Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Apple TV. While creators can also choose to make their videos available for later playback as standard VOD content, what really sets Twitch apart is how well-optimized the platform is for live streaming.

No other video platform facilitates engagement with your fans like Twitch. Viewers form legitimate communities around your live streams, and having a powerful strategy on Twitch can help you develop a much deeper connection with your fans than you can via most other social platforms. It's also fundamentally easy to use - each time you go live on Twitch, your audience will easily be able to find your stream at your channel's same branded URL. Unlike YouTube, if you experience any technical issues during your performance and your stream drops, once those issues resolve your stream will magically pop up again for the viewers at the exact same destination. Twitch makes it dead simple for your fans to tune into your live streams, and even easier for you to find creative ways to interact with them throughout the stream.

Quarterlab has been digging into Twitch extensively over the past several months to help develop strategies specifically for artists. For a great example of how we can help you develop your presence on Twitch, look no further than The Roots. When the management team from The Roots reached out to us to launch a live streaming strategy for Questlove's Quarantine nightly DJ sets, we created their Twitch account from scratch so that we could simultaneously stream his performances to Twitch alongside YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

We quickly found that viewers were far more engaged on Twitch when compared to the other streaming platforms, and those fans were enthusiastic about supporting artists with their wallets. Despite The Roots having millions of followers on other social platforms which they had developed over the course of several years, guess which service had the most viewers tuned in at once? Twitch - by a factor of almost 10x when compared to their next most popular video destination. As a result, The Roots' channel was the second most watched and second fastest growing musician channel on Twitch in April, and it generated significant revenue throughout the process.

There are several different ways to earn revenue on Twitch, but the primary sources of income are advertising, bit donations, and channel subscriptions. There are a number of different tactics you can use to increase your earning potential with all of these methods, and we're here to help demystify the entire process. Whether you're an experienced live streamer or have never gone live, we will help you hit the ground running with a professional presence on Twitch. We can create and customize your channel from start to finish so that you can focus on interacting with your fans and conducting the best stream possible.

If you're interested in learning more about Twitch and how we can help you kickstart your presence there, please reach out to us to discuss.

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