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OutroMaker: Automated Outros For Your Videos

OutroMaker: Automated Outros For Your Videos

April 6, 2021
July 5, 2016

If you create outros and end cards for most of your videos, you know it can be a tedious manual process if you upload a lot of videos. OutroMaker hopes to make this easier for you, by offering an automatic process for creating outros. Today we will be looking into OutroMaker and the benefits it has to offer.

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What is an Outro?

Outros (or end cards) are short clips added onto the end of a video to direct viewers to other videos on a channel or to enable the viewer to subscribe to a channel. Outros are usually interactive and allow the viewer to select from multiple options. The main purpose of outros is to retain the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged with a channel.

Benefits of OutroMaker

OutroMaker automates the process of adding outros to your videos. Instead of manually creating outros and end cards and applying them to each video, you can use OutroMaker to do that for you. OutroMaker will also create and set up all annotations so they line up perfectly with the outros.

OutroMaker vs YouTube End Screens

You may remember us mentioning YouTube End Screens last month. While there are many similarities between YouTube End Screens and OutroMaker, there are also a few key differences:

  • YouTube's End Screens are clickable links that will work on both desktop and mobile, while the end slates you make with OutroMaker cannot be clicked on mobile.
  • However, YouTube's End Screens do not allow the user to actually watch or hear a portion of the video you are highlighting, but instead is just a static link. With OutroMaker you can actually show moving video (and hear audio) from whichever video you are featuring.
  • Most importantly, YouTube's End Screens are not available to the vast majority of channels yet and we are still waiting on confirmation as to when they will be. OutroMaker is available to anyone.

How OutroMaker Works

Making an outro video with OutroMaker is simple and requires a few basic steps to be completed:

  • First, you need to connect the OutroMaker application with your YouTube account. Once you get into the application you can choose to create a fast and simple template or a more detailed template for a individual and custom and outro.
  • The next steps have you choose a background image (or use one provided), choose a template layout for the videos being linked to in the outro, and choose the videos you want to feature in the outro.
  • The last steps have you select the timings and placement of the outro video.
  • You can then download the finished product to your computer and upload to YouTube. You can also use their Outro-Annotator tool to easily add YouTube Annotations and Cards to the video that match up with the outro clip.

Pricing and Availability

OutroMaker is offered at three price points: Basic for $2.99/month, Premium for $7.99/month, and a Network plan that offers custom plans and prices to video networks. While the Basic and Premium plans are similar, the Premium plan offers the following additional features: Custom links, audio support, video background, and online image editor. OutroMaker is available for a free 7-day trial to anyone wanting to get an idea of the service.

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