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Updates To The YouTube Studio App

Updates To The YouTube Studio App

April 6, 2021
February 28, 2018

YouTube is currently rolling out a major update to their YouTube Studio app for desktop. The new version is still in beta and is missing some Creator Studio features that you'll likely still need, but continue reading to see some of latest changes and upcoming updates with YouTube Studio.The latest update to the YouTube Studio beta app on desktop includes a drastically redesigned interface with the ability to filter your videos by any specific view count, and to easily use bulk actions for comments on Likely Spam and Held for Review from the overview page. The new overview page redesign also allows you to easily switch the status of videos between private, public, unlisted, and scheduled without diving into each individual video's detailed Edit page.

There is also a new analytics section that more closely matches the highly visual analytics data found in the YouTube Studio mobile app.

YouTube has also detailed all of the features and updates that the YouTube Studio app will soon have, which you can check out below:Coming soon

  • Improved analytics to visualize your data, and new metrics and insights to help you grow your channel
  • First version of a new dashboard to help you quickly understand what's happening with your channel and what's important to pay attention to
  • Compact mode (YouTube is responding to requests for better use of space)
  • Bulk actions in Videos

Longer term

  • First version of a new video editor, starting with trimming functionality. Note that this is not a replacement for, but rather a revisioning of video enhancements and more features in Video Manager
  • Adding end screens and cards through the Editor tool
  • Additional functionality for playlists
  • New uploads workflow
  • Live streaming functionality
  • Copyright workflow

To try out the YouTube Studio beta, just sign into your YouTube account and go to this link: You can also log-in to your Creator Studio in YouTube and scroll down to the bottom left under your video manager and click the YouTube Studio Beta button.

While in the YouTube Studio beta, you can easily switch back to your Creator Studio by clicking the "Creator Studio Classic" button on the left-hand toolbar.

If you have any questions on the YouTube Studio app or any of these updates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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