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YouTube Creator Studio App For Smartphones

YouTube Creator Studio App For Smartphones

April 6, 2021
July 14, 2015

One of the coolest (but also most underutilized) tools YouTube provides for its creators is the YouTube Creator Studio smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android. Released just about a year ago, this is where YouTube debuted features like real-time analytics and is a very useful tool for managing videos on-the-fly and engaging in comments on your content.

Creator Studio Dashboard View

The Creator Studio app gives you a great overview of your channel's activity by providing a Dashboard that provides key metrics in your analytics (total views, total minutes watched, total subscribers, etc) as well as a snapshot of your recent uploads and comments. A more detailed dive into your analytics section provides additional channel statistics like estimated earnings, engagement metrics, and traffic sources. Most of this information can be viewed in multiple timeframes, such as last 7 days, last 28 days, all-time, etc.

Creator Studio Detailed Analytics View

You can even check out all of this info on a video-by-video basis so if you want to see exactly how much money your latest release has earned and what percentage of that video your fans are watching, all of that info is just a few clicks away.

Creator Studio Video-Level Overview

For individual videos, you can update basic information like the title, description, privacy setting, and whether or not you want to allow users to comment and rate your videos. Now you can push videos while you're on-the-go without having computer access.Finally, the Comments section is a great way to filter and respond to comments when you're not at your desktop computer or with your laptop. Fans love to see channel owners responding to their comments in almost real-time, so use the Creator Studio App's Comments section to filter for comments that are considered "Highlights" (meaning, comments receiving a lot of engagement), "Held For Review", and "Likely Spam" so you can efficiently manage your YouTube communities without being tied to a computer.

Creator Studio Comments Section

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