Update On YouTube's Limited Monetization Issues

Update On YouTube's Limited Monetization Issues

April 6, 2021
November 15, 2017

As many of our readers know, YouTube monetization has been in a difficult state over the past several months. While YouTube has made efforts to restore earnings since the Adpocalypse situation this past March, some channels have continued to see slow growth in their earnings. We've been continuing to keep you posted on this issue as YouTube has worked to resolve it, and we now have some more good news. Continue reading for the full details on the update. YouTube has recently updated the machine learning technology that determines whether a video is receiving limited monetization. This new technology will better determine if your videos receive a yellow or green monetization icon. These icons notify you if your videos are being fully monetized or receiving limited or no ads.

In August, YouTube introduced the new limited monetization icons and appeals process for videos receiving limited or no ads. You can read the full details on this system here, but to quickly recap - this process was put in place to give creators transparency into which of their videos are being classified as not advertiser friendly. More importantly, this system gave creators the ability to appeal these classifications if there were made by mistake. Since then, YouTube has been improving their technology to better identify and classify videos that are not advertiser friendly.This new update will result in fewer misclassifications overall, reducing the number of misclassifications by 30%, which means millions of videos on YouTube will become fully monetized after this update. As a result of this update, you may see icons that were previously yellow turn to green. You may also see icons that were green turn to yellow. If you feel the yellow icon is still a mistake, make sure you continue to appeal these classifications regularly. Videos that were previously appealed and received a final appeal decision should not change color.It's important to understand why your videos are being classified as not advertiser friendly, so make sure to catch up on YouTube's advertiser friendly guidelines, as well as there content guidelines. These resources will help put your channel and it's content in the best position possible to be fully monetized. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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