Featured Content (or InVideo Programming)

YouTube’s Featured Content (formerly known as “InVideo Programming”) is a free tool that helps expose your viewers to other videos you want to recommend on your channel.

When you select a video or playlist as your “Featured Video” (or “Featured Playlist”) anyone who watches any other video on your channel will see an annotation and image that recommends they watch your featured content (see screenshot below).


This is a great way to recommend content you really think deserves exposure, but may not be as popular as other videos on your channel. If you recently dropped a new video that is getting tons of views, this may be a good way to introduce these new viewers to some of the older, classic material on your channel. On the other hand, if you have older videos that still get tons of views but you’re trying to promote a newer video that has a much smaller view count, selecting the new video for your Featured Video will help it immediately get in front of all of your most loyal viewers.

To enable your Featured Content:

Log into your YouTube account, here, and click the blue “Feature content” button.

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