Happy New Year! A Recap Of Video In 2016

Happy new year from Team Quarterlab! We’ve seen a lot of growth in your channels over the course of 2016 and we’re excited to help your expand your video business even further in 2017.


We’re recapping some of our most important blogs from the last couple of years. We know it can be difficult to read every single post we make throughout the year, so this is a great time to revisit some of the most useful articles we’ve provided.

A few of these blogs cover new product features like YouTube’s End Screens and Facebook’s Live Streaming Video. More importantly, the rest of these articles cover fundamental concepts that continue to have a huge impact on your video business, like understanding the importance of watch time and how monetization works on YouTube.

Help kick 2017 off to a great start by revisiting a few of the entries below, and if you have any specific topics you’d like to see us cover please email us and let us know.

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