New YouTube Feature: “Videos In Playlists”

YouTube recently announced a new feature in their analytics section called the “Videos in playlists” report. This report provides information on how many times your videos appear in other people’s playlists on YouTube, such as their “Watch later” list, their “Favorites” list, or a custom playlist they created themselves.

The “Videos in playlists” report will show you exactly how many of your videos exist in other playlists, as well as how many of your videos were removed from playlists, on a daily basis. It will also show you all of your most frequently playlisted videos, and exactly how many playlists each of those videos currently appear in. This is helpful because having your videos included in playlists can have an extremely positive effect on your videos’ overall view counts, watch time, and engagement. The more your videos appear in playlists, the higher the chance is that your videos will reach new viewers that you can convert to subscribers.

To see this new report, click here. We highly recommend watching this section of your analytics on a regular basis. If you see spikes, ask yourself what videos or activities caused so many people to want to playlist your content – and then try to replicate that. If you see large dips that indicate your videos were removed from playlists, see if you can figure out what happened so you can avoid it in the future.