New YouTube Feature: “What To Watch Next”

YouTube now allows you to select which video your subscribers see most prominently when returning to your channel. This feature is called “What To Watch Next” and it’s very useful for helping highlight your most important videos to users that have already subscribed to your YouTube channel.

What To Watch Next

YouTube’s Channel Trailer has allowed channels to choose which video viewers will see at the top of their channel if they are not currently subscribed to your channel, but there was previously no way to select a video or playlist to feature for viewers that have already subscribed.

Now you can do exactly that with the What To Watch feature. To enable this feature, just log into your YouTube account and go to your channel page. Click the pencil icon that appears when you hover your cursor over the top right-hand corner of the “What To Watch Next” section. Here you can select any playlist or video to feature to your subscribers. You can even select options to have automatically display your latest upload or latest channel activity by default.

Default Content For What To Watch Next

We highly recommend using this feature to give you more control over which videos you feature to your most loyal viewers, so consider setting up one of your most accessible videos or playlists as the “What To Watch Next” content.