New YouTube Live Streaming Updates

YouTube has announced several live streaming updates in an effort to introduce more ways to watch live videos and increase engagement on live streams. Continue reading to find out more about these updates.

The first update that YouTube has announced is the roll out of live chat replay. This will allow viewers to see the live chat feed after a live stream has ended, so you don’t need to be watching it live to see the chat feed. The live chat replay will appear on the right hand side of the video.

The next update will bring automatic captions to live streams. For now, automatic captions are only available in English and will be rolling out in the coming weeks. YouTube has their own live automatic speech recognition (LASR) that will continue to be more accurate over time.

Creators will now also be able to add a location tag to mobile live streams and share hot spots with their audience. Viewers will be able to find videos with the same location tag and use the location filter on the search results page. The last update that YouTube has announced is the ability for creators to set up Super Chat with the service IFTTT.

Be sure to catch up on our previous blog on live streaming updates as well as our best practices for mobile live streaming. If you have any questions on these live streaming updates, feel free to reach out to us.