New Features for Official Artist Channels: Artist Center

If you have an Official Artist Channel on YouTube, there are some cool new features available in your Creator Studio. These features are part of a brand new section in your account called Artist Center and include the ability to submit press kit materials, monitor sales of concert ticket via links on YouTube, and more. Continue reading for more details.

Back in January, we wrote about YouTube implementing Official Artist Channels for music artists on YouTube to help consolidate all of an artist’s subscribers under one channel, and to provide a single video destination for fans. If you have an Official Artist Channel (OAC), you will now find the new “Artist Center” section in your Creator Studio under the “Community” and “Channel” sections.

The first page of the Artist Center allows you to create and submit a Press Kit on YouTube. Google will use the information you submit in the Press Kit to help promote you as an artist on YouTube and other Google properties. The Press Kit can appear in YouTube Search, Charts, Playlists, or the YouTube Music mobile app. Right now the Press Kit allows you to submit a high quality image and an artist bio.

Below the Press Kit page you’ll see a new page titled Official Artist Channel. This page contains a very brief overview of YouTube’s new OAC features and serves as an introduction to musicians that aren’t aware of these recent changes. Currently there is not much information here for those that are familiar with these new features, but keep an eye on this section for any future changes to YouTube’s OAC features.

The most interesting feature of the Artist Center is the last section, titled Events. This section reports exactly how many concert tickets have been sold and how much overall revenue in ticket sales has been generated from the ticket purchase links on video watch pages. There’s a toggle switch in the top right-hand corner of the page that allows you to enable “Sell tickets on YouTube” and you can also filter the view to display all events, past events only, and upcoming events only.

When you enable YouTube to sell tickets on their platform, links to your concert tickets will appear on the watch page of your videos. Example below:

Please note that this currently only applies to tickets sold via Ticketmaster, and if you don’t have any recent or upcoming shows you may not see this feature in your account yet. This development is a big step in YouTube’s recent initiative to help musicians make the most of the video platform, and is the latest in several feature developments made specifically for the music community. Let us know if you have any questions on any of these new features for your Official Artist Channel.