Official Music Videos On Facebook

Starting August 1st, 2020 Facebook will be integrating official music videos from artists into their official Facebook Pages. If you operate a Musician Page on Facebook and are working with a video distributor, you now have the option to automatically display your official music videos directly on your Facebook page. Continue reading for more details.

This new feature, if you enable it, will allow your fans to be able to watch your entire music video library directly from your Videos tab on your Facebook page. Your library will stay up to date with the latest videos licensed to Facebook. You can edit or remove your videos at any time.

To turn this feature on, you can follow the below instructions:

1) Go to your Facebook Page and click “Page Settings”

2) In the general tab, select the “Music Videos” section

3) Then click the “Add Music Videos to My Page” button  

In order to have your music videos automatically visible on your Facebook page, you also need to make sure those videos have been delivered to Facebook. If your videos are not already appearing on Facebook and you’d like to make them available to your followers, please reach out to us to discuss!