How To Make Sure Subscribers See Your New Videos

Everyone knows the importance of view counts on YouTube videos. Since YouTube likes to promote videos that are already getting a lot of watch time, it’s extremely important that your videos get a lot of views as quickly as possible once you release them. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that your subscribers find out about every new video you release as soon as you drop them, and a new YouTube feature makes that extremely easy to do.

Turning On Mobile Notifications

Now your subscribers can get mobile notifications about every single video you release on your channel. Here are 3 easy steps for how you can instruct your fans to get alerts as soon as you drop a video.

1 – Launch the YouTube mobile app and go to the channel you want notifications for.


2 – Click the “Subscribe” link.


3 – To sign up for mobile notifications, just click the bell icon next to “Subscribed” or click the words “Turn On” at the bottom of the screen.


That’s it! Now your subscribers will automatically be notified as soon as you release your next video.


Keep in mind that the subscriber will need to make sure that the YouTube app is allowed to give them notifications in their phone settings, but once they’ve followed these steps they will receive an alert every single time you release a new video. Here’s what it will look like on iOS:


We encourage you to reach out to your existing subscribers as well as your new fans, and urge them to sign up for mobile notifications to your channel. It will allow your fans to be the first in the know for any new content you release, and it will help keep them engaged with your channel on an ongoing basis.