Updates To Subscribers Reports In YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics reports have recently been updated with a focus on identifying trends and patterns related to channel subscriber growth. Read on to find out more about these updates.

The new updates can all be found in the Subscribers report, which you can find under the section ‘Interaction reports’ in your analytics dashboard.

The first big update is the ‘YouTube watch page’ category that you can find in the Subscribers report. This will show you how many subscribers came from a specific video’s watch page by a viewer clicking on the subscribe button. It’s extremely important to know which videos on your channel generate new subscribers so that you can continue to make more content that’s valuable for your new audience.

Another update to the Subscribers report is the addition of a ‘Subscriptions feed’ category. This will give you a better understanding of how YouTube viewers’ subscriber feed effects subscribes and unsubscribes.

The last update to the Subscribers report is a new category called ‘Interactive features’. This will show you how many subscribes come from specific cards and end screens used in a video. Once you understand which cards and end screens are successfully getting viewers to subscribe to your channel, we recommend using similar language and links from your best performing cards and end screens on your newest videos to keep gaining new subscribers.

This new data will be available from Sept 18, 2017, moving forward. These new tools should give you more insight into the behavior of people who subscribe and unsubscribe to your channel, and help you identify the best ways to increase subscriber growth. For more information on increasing your subscribers, check out our recent blog on the YouTube tab for Facebook, which can be used to convert your Facebook followers to YouTube subscribers. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions on these new updates.