Video Collaborations & Sponsorships

Collaborations can be a very effective way to introduce your channel to new viewers and give them a reason to subscribe to your channel. While searching for similar channels and sending them messages within YouTube may sometimes work, most channel owners don’t check their YouTube emails and notifications frequently. You may be able to track down more effective contact info by searching for their email address or Twitter handle, but wouldn’t it be helpful to know exactly what channels are already interested in collaborating with you?

And on a similar note, as great as the advertising revenue on YouTube is, video creators can often earn even more money (and free gear, prizes, and more) by working with brands to feature their products in your videos. If your channel’s audience is very interested in streetwear clothing, fashion products, or tech devices for example, why not connect with a company that makes those kinds of products and see if they’ll pay you to feature their brand’s products?

There are a few useful tools that allow you to do just that, and for free. Check out the two below companies that help video creators find potential collaborators, as well as brands that may be interested in paying you to promote their products. We are not endorsed by either of these companies and the below language is directly from their websites. As always, do your homework before you jump onboard to make sure any company you may work with will be a good partner, and never hesitate to reach out to us if we can help or if you’d like advice.

Famebit is a self-service marketplace that makes YouTube video influence marketing and sponsored video content super easy for advertisers, brands and YouTube. The FameBit Platform was created to enable quality brands and influential YouTubers to discover each other and collaborate easily on their own terms.
Our main goal was to help content creators of all sizes find the right brand integrations for their channels so that they could earn money for creating quality content while helping their audience discover products and services that make lives better and more fun. At the same time, we wanted to provide an efficient way for awesome brands to get their unique stories told through video and reach an audience that they would otherwise be missing.
We started as the first and have grown to be the best and #1 marketplace for YouTube brand integrations, connecting brands to thousands of YouTubers at a time and enabling YouTube marketing at scale.



Channel Pages:  Brands, small businesses, ad & creative agencies, along with fellow creators from across the world use Channel Pages to find video partners for collaborations, promotional videos, and integrated marketing campaigns. Make sure you show up when they search for creators like you.

 Easily search by channel location, size, audience demographics, and other criteria that help you find the perfect collaboration partner. Or, apply to collaboration opportunities other channels have posted.
Every week we launch new managed collaboration opportunities. Similar sized channels are invited to participate in curated playlists tied to themes (“Hot Summer Looks”, “Epic Minecraft Fails”, etc.), sponsored original content series, and more!