YouCollab: A New Platform For Video Collaboration

When trying to build your YouTube subscriber base, one of the most effective things you can do is collaborate with other YouTube channels. It’s a proven way to gain new followers and is a frequently recommended strategy by YouTube itself, yet YouTube has not provided any tools that are designed to help you find collaborators.

Now there is a new service called YouCollab that is addressing this issue and making it easier for YouTubers to connect. The founders of YouCollab reached out to us to help spread the word, so read on for more specific information on how to use their service.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Create Your Profile:
• Sign in with your Google account
• Input interests that describe your channel

Step 2 – Set Your Filters:
• Set your location search radius
• Input interests that describe your ideal collaboration
• Set your subscriber search range

Step 3 – Start searching:
• Start finding the perfect collab by deciding whether you would like to “pass” or “collab” with specific YouTubers.

YouCollab also included the ability for you to instantly match with YouTubers you meet. They did this by allowing every YouTuber to have a personalized YouCollab ID, which allows other users to scan your ID to easily match you up for collaborations. This can be put to use at meetups and events like VidCon (which YouCollab will be attending this year).

YouCollab is launching their BETA on June 16th (a week before VidCon), so if you’d like to try it you can sign up today at While Quarterlab is not affiliated with YouCollab, we want to provide our partners with as many resources as possible. If you sign up for YouCollab, contact us and tell us what you think! You can also find more information on collaborations here.