YouTube Announces Mobile Live Streaming

Last month we wrote about the new live streaming feature from YouTube called Super Chat. This month, YouTube is back with more live streaming updates with their announcement of a new mobile live streaming feature.


How It Works & Features

As of yesterday, creators with 10,000 or more subscribers can live stream video on YouTube from their mobile devices. The new feature is built directly into the YouTube mobile app, and it’s very easy to get going. Just open the app on your mobile device, click capture and you are streaming. In addition to the features of a normal YouTube video, mobile live streaming videos will have extra features like:

  • Real-time chat with your viewers
  • Ability to keep the video on the channel after it streams
  • Notifications to your subscribers and viewers so they know you are going live
  • Ad based monetization tools (as well as the non-ad based monetization tool Super Chat)

Currently, only channels with over 10,000 subscribers can use mobile live streaming, but YouTube is planning on offering the feature to all channels soon. Email us if you have any questions about live streaming on YouTube.