YouTube Giving: Charitable Giving on YouTube

YouTube has announced YouTube Giving, a new suite of tools to encourage more charity on the platform. These new tools include Fundraisers (beta), Community fundraisers (beta), Campaign matching (beta), and Super Chat for Good. Continue reading to find out more about these new features.

The first feature of YouTube Giving is called Fundraisers (beta). This feature will allow creators on YouTube and qualifying US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits to create and embed fundraising campaigns that will appear alongside their videos and live streams on YouTube. Viewers will be able to donate to these fundraiser campaigns directly on YouTube using a simple “Donate” button. This first beta period of this feature is currently only available to a limited group of creators in the US and Canada, but we will provide updates as this becomes available more widely.

YouTube is also rolling out a beta version of Community Fundraisers to a limited group of US creators and qualifying US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits. This will allow multiple creators to co-host the same fundraiser campaign on YouTube. Community Fundraiser campaigns will appear on all participating creators’ videos at the same time and display in real time how much money the campaign is collecting.

YouTube has also announced the a new feature called Campaign Matching, which will roll out in the coming weeks. Campaign Matching will allow creators who put together Fundraisers and Community Fundraisers to receive matching pledges. This feature will display the matched pledges from other creators or brands directly within the Fundraiser.

Finally, YouTube is launching Super Chat for Good. This enables creators to raise funds for qualifying US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits on live streams and Premiere videos using Super Chat. 100% of Super Chat for Good purchases will be automatically sent to a nonprofit chosen by the creator. They work the same as Super Chats, highlighting messages in the chat stream, and at the same time shows support for the fundraiser.

YouTube will be expanding access to these features over the coming months, and we’ll provide updates as soon as they do. If you have any questions on YouTube Giving, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.