YouTube Poll Cards: Increase Fan Engagement On YouTube

If you are looking for more options to interact with viewers of your videos, YouTube has a unique feature called Poll Cards. Poll Cards allow the viewers to partake in multiple-choice polls incorporated right into a video. The card can display at any desired time in the video and results are shown in real time, so we encourage you to try Poll Cards as a great way to increase engagement on your videos.

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 Requirements and Setup

YouTube Poll Cards are available on mobile devices and viewers must be logged into a YouTube account to participate in a poll. Creating a poll is similar to creating a regular YouTube Card. Once you get to the “add card” section, select “Poll” as the card type, then fill in the poll details that you want the viewer to interact with. Choose the poll question, add up to 5 choices for the answer, then select the timing in the video that you want the poll to appear.

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Results and Analytics

After a viewer interacts with a poll and submits an answer, they are able to see the results of all votes directly in the card. Creators of the poll can view real-time voting results in YouTube Analytics as well. Card impressions and clicks are some of the other standard performance metrics you can see in YouTube Analytics, but they will have more of a delay showing up then the poll results. The creator will be able to see all-time voting results at any time as they occur. Try enabling a few Poll Cards on your video and let us know if you find them to be effective!