New Features to YouTube Premieres

YouTube has recently launched 3 new features in an effort to make YouTube Premieres more interactive for creators and viewers. These new features are: Live Redirect, Trailers, and Countdown Themes. Continue reading for more details on all three.

The first new Premiere feature, Live Redirect, allows creators to live stream right before the start of a Premiere. After the live stream ends, the same audience is then directed to the upcoming Premiere right before it starts. Similar to a pre-party or red carpet event, this will allow people to build hype and anticipation in an interactive way, right before a new Premiere begins.

The next feature, Trailers, allows creators to upload a separate video to be played on the same Premiere watch page in advance of the actual Premiere. These videos can range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in duration, and will help build hype for the Premiere and also encourage viewers to set a reminder for the Premiere. 

The third feature, Countdown Themes, will allow creators to select a custom countdown for their Premiere which all have different themes, vibes, and moods. Currently every Premiere on YouTube has the same countdown, so this new feature will allow creators to have more customization and make the countdown more unique to their channel.

Live Redirect and Trailers will begin rolling out to eligible creators now, and Countdown Themes will be available in the coming months. Please reach out to us with any questions, and feel free to check out our guide to using Premieres on YouTube.

YouTube Spaces Offers New Virtual Workshops

The YouTube Spaces teams recently announced a handful of new virtual workshops they are offering to help creators on YouTube. Topics include: going live on YouTube, improving sound in your videos, composition and lighting for makeup tutorials and more. Continue reading for a full list of upcoming events.

Updates To YouTube’s Monetization Policies

YouTube has recently provided more insight into their violence and adult content policies, as well as clarification on inappropriate language policies and how profanity could result in videos being flagged for limited or no monetization. Continue reading for more details on these updates.

YouTube Mobile App Updates

YouTube recently rolled out a handful of new features to it’s mobile app and player page on mobile devices. These updates include new motion gestures, a new menu for video chapters, and more.

The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund

Back in June, YouTube announced a $100 million dollar fund to center and amplify Black voices and perspectives on YouTube, alongside a commitment to do better as a platform to protect Black creators, artists and users. Recently, YouTube has shared more information about this multi-year fund, which is officially named the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund.

Important Update To Age-Restriction Policies On YouTube

YouTube has recently expanded their age-restriction systems in an effort to correctly identify and restrict videos that may not be suitable for all ages. As a result, you may see more of your videos get flagged for age-restriction on YouTube. In this blog we will detail how this may affect your channel and what you can do if your videos get flagged incorrectly.

New Monetization On Facebook & Instagram

Facebook recently introduced some new ways to monetize your video content on Facebook and Instagram. These include Fan Subscriptions, Stars, and new updates to in-stream ad breaks. There are also a few new updates to monetization on Instagram live and IGTV. Continue reading for the full details.

Instagram Reels

Seems like everyone wants a piece of TikTok’s market share these days, and Instagram is no different. The company recently announced a new short-form (up to 30-second) video format called Instagram Reels that will make it easy for IG users to create and watch short videos, which you can share with followers or anyone on the platform.

YouTube’s Move To Prioritize Stories and Short Videos

In light of TikTok’s growing popularity, YouTube is now making efforts to prioritize Stories and more short-form videos on their platform. As proof of how big of a priority this is, they’ve dedicated an entire new section to “Stories and short videos” near the top of the Home tab on the YouTube mobile app. This is one of the most frequently viewed placements across the entire YouTube platform, so it’s worth taking note of this and thinking about how you can use Stories and short form videos to help your channel grow.

YouTube Discontinues Email Notifications

On August 13th, 2020, YouTube permanently disabled email notifications to subscribers. Unfortunately this means that your subscribers will no longer receive emails when a new video publishes, and instead will need to rely on other forms of notification. YouTube states that there are a variety of reasons that went into this decision, and there are still multiple ways your subscribers can get notified when a new video releases which we will outline here.