Instagram Adds Remix Function To Reels

As of March 31st, Instagram has empowered all creators to “remix” public Reels, which adds yet another layer of interactivity to the platform. This new feature is meant to drive fan engagement and boost collaboration across the board, but you can also “remix” your own reels, if you’re not feeling particularly social.

Facebook Video Monetization Updates

Facebook has recently announced a handful of new updates to it’s video monetization program. These updates include: the ability to earn revenue from short-form content, monetization becoming available to more creators, and new monetization options for live streaming on Facebook.

YouTube Shorts Rolls Out In The U.S.

Today YouTube announced the U.S. launch of their latest product: YouTube Shorts. Designed to compete with shorter video formats as seen on TikTok and Instagram’s Reels, YouTube Shorts are mobile, vertical short-form videos, and in the coming weeks YouTube will be introducing more features and updates surrounding this new product.

New Audience Metrics In YouTube Analytics

YouTube has been adding valuable new audience metrics to its analytics dashboard, and we wanted to make a guide to help you use and better these metrics. The new metrics include a comparison between your channel’s new & returning viewers, a chart detailing the times and days when your viewers are active on YouTube, and which other channels and videos your audience watches beside yours. Each of these metrics are extremely useful and can help you unlock additional growth for your channel.

Instagram Announces Live Rooms

Instagram Live has recently added a new feature called Live Rooms that will allow users to interact with up to 3 guests at a time. Previously the Instagram Live function only allowed users to interact with one guest at a time, so this functionality ups the possible engagement threefold.

YouTube Introduces Clips

After several requests from the creator community, YouTube has announced that it will begin allowing users to easily create and share edits from existing videos and live streams. These “Clips” will have their own unique URL’s for easy sharing and they will exist alongside the primary video, so Clips will automatically absorb the existing monetization strategies from their parent video.

How To Add and Remove Managers To Your YouTube Channel In 2021

There are a few different ways to grant someone access to your YouTube channel, and it can get a little confusing. Below we detail exactly how you can add and remove managers from your channel, including new updates to Official Artist Channel permissions.

New 24 Hour Metric In YouTube Analytics

After many requests, YouTube has finally provided an easy way to compare the first 24 hours of your newest video’s performance to the first 24 hours of older videos you’ve released on your channel. This can be crucial in determining whether or not a new video is outperforming some of your top content from the past, so please read on for more details on this new feature.

New Features to YouTube Premieres

YouTube has recently launched 3 new features in an effort to make YouTube Premieres more interactive for creators and viewers. These new features are: Live Redirect, Trailers, and Countdown Themes. Continue reading for more details on all three.

YouTube Spaces Offers New Virtual Workshops

The YouTube Spaces teams recently announced a handful of new virtual workshops they are offering to help creators on YouTube. Topics include: going live on YouTube, improving sound in your videos, composition and lighting for makeup tutorials and more. Continue reading for a full list of upcoming events.